Body & Bath Range

Ultralight Hydration

Almond and Saffron Body Lotion

Feel as light as a cloud of mist and float ceaselessly through the paradigm of beauty with Almond and Saffron Body Lotion. With the fusion of royally natural ingredients, enjoy the supple aftermath of this lotion. Beeswax heals dark spots, blemishes and other flaws, the antioxidants naturally lighten your skin.
Refreshing & Revitalizing

Jasmine and Mogra Bath & Body Shower Gel

Could you possibly pampered and bedazzled at the same time? YES, with earthi‟s Jasmine and Mogra Bath & Body Shower Gel, feel the calm sailing through your nerves and positivity basking your existence. Rosemary helps protect skin cells damage and acts as an efficient sunscreen.
Intensive Foot Rescue

Almond and Peach Foot Cream

Quintessential, come what may, the Almond and Peach foot cream is an escapade of sacred energy. Our feet however anatomically modern, is soulfully archaic. It deserves more than just going places - some „earthi‟ pampering! Green Tea is a firm guard paleness attacking your skin.
Skin Nourishing Hydrating Body Butter

Rose and Lychee Body Butter

Wipe that smudged feeling off your skin with Rose & Lychee body butter and enter into a blissful zone to skin that is moisturized like a cloud. The calm blend of its ingredients ensures a luxurious experience for your skin.

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