Face care Range

Minimizes Signs of Ageing

Grape Seed & Saffron Hydrating Cream

₹ 825.00  ₹660.00

Along with a complimentary Vetiver and Licorice Face Serum

Botanical and beautiful as it is, Earthi‟s Grape Seed and Saffron Hydrating Cream gives you an elegantly elusive look combating the unfavourable external factors that attack your skin on a regular basis. Badam Oil and Kokum Butter provide protection from UV Radiation, combat fine lines and dark spots and are a classic solution for sensitive skin.
Radiance Skin Lightening Cream

Sugarcane and Olive Radiance Day Cream

₹ 730.00  ₹584.00

Along with a complimentary Rose and Honey Face Wash

A natural herbal day cream to witness the light of the day and brighten your aura. Designed with care to get you feeling cozy with your own skin. Your key to having a great “day” ! Sugarcane and Olive reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve your skin's firmness and renewal.
Skin Brightening & De-Tan

Seaweed and Papaya Face Pack Cream

₹ 625.00  ₹500.00

Along with a complimentary Rose and Grapefruit Facial Serum

Be the beauty Pharoah and feel like an oasis of tranquility with the organic aesthetics of Seaweed Papaya Face Pack Cream. Renaissance is now here, fall in love with the earth for it gives you more than just „visible‟ results! Contains Mint to neutralise the skin‟s moisture level and cure irritation.
Glow and Mild

Rose and Honey Face Wash

₹ 675.00  ₹540.00

Along with a complimentary Turmeric and Vit E serum

Seize your day with sweet as ever freshness using earthi's Rose and Honey face wash and what's better? Stay refreshed throughout the day! Savour misty dew freshness and endless fragrances! Turmeric, Licorice and pineapple ensure a clear and shimmering skin, treat skin damage and are the best cleansers from the arms of the earth.
Repairs Visible Signs of Ageing

Tamarind and Turmeric reviving Night Cream

₹825 ₹660.00

Along with a complimentary Rose and Honey Face Wash

Irresistibly your go to Night Cream that unveils your raw ravishing look the morning thereafter. Revive your fresh skin with Tamarind and Turmeric that are earthly to the eyes, ethereal to the soul. The Heart-Leaved Moon Seed possesses high degree medicinal values for a refreshing look. Wheat Germ Oil delays the signs of aging.
Skin Rejuvenation & Glow

Turmeric Face Serum

₹ 750.00  ₹600.00

Along with a complimentary Rose and Honey Face Wash

And here is your answer… Earthi turmeric and Vit E facial serum. Isn’t a healthy and vibrant skin all our dreams?. Even men deep down wish to have a glowing skin. We bring u Turmeric, the golden colored spice, the healer, sacred and auspicious and possibly the most powerful herb on the planet combined with the magical benefits of Vit E in a bottle.
Cleanses & Hydrates

Vetiver and Licorice Face Serum

₹ 825.00  ₹660.00

Along with a complimentary Rose and Honey Face Wash

The liquid gold of all face serums. Augment your skin health with this extraordinary artefact namely earthi‟s Vetiver and Licorice Face serum to elevate your allure. For extra, is always good. Rose Oil and Orange Oil work against redness, inflammation, acne and blackheads.
Anti Aging Sunless tan face serum

Rose and Grapefruit Facial Serum

₹ 900.00  ₹720.00

Along with a complimentary Grape Seed & Saffron Hydrating Cream

A face so precious as yours, would we recommend anything less? The enchanting fragrance of the beautiful rose and the alluring freshness of citrus with its equally miraculous beauty benefits is brought to u in a bottle.

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