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Nourish and Repair

Amla and Reetha Purifying Hair Conditioner

₹ 725.00  ₹580.00

Along with a complimentary Along with Green Tea and Fig

What follows a good shampoo? The perfect conditioner. For years together, Amla and Reetha have been the front door to shiny mane. With chemicals playing antagonists, we make a promise of befriending your hair in no time yet forever. Fenugreek is highly instrumental in treating balding, thinning, dryness and other scalp issues.
Intense Repair & Deep Care

Green Tea and Fig Shampoo

₹ 650.00   ₹520.00

Along with a complimentary Amla and Reetha Purifying Hair Conditioner

Lure your locks to the realm of goodness. Forget the feeling of damaged hair and slide into having a healthy silk palette with earthi‟s exclusive Green Tea and fig shampoo charged with the supremacy of green tea and potency of figs and complemented with Rosemary, Mulberries promote hair growth, rejuvenate scalp effectively and prevents early greying of hair.

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